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Subclassing ActiveX 1.0

Subclassing ActiveX 1.0: enables the subclassing of window forms, i.e. the execution of their messages The control element accomplishes a subclassing for a window stated by its handle. The window function is the function of a window, which completely determines the behavior of the window (and thus the reaction of the window to user inputs). This window function is replaced by another function by the Subclassing component. This function then can be freely defined in the Message event of the Subclassing control element (MS Windows API programming).

Ute 1.05: Compact assembly language utility including Time Syncing and Window Shutdown
Ute 1.05

window, and then play the sound. Auto file type registering is supported, as well as early sound termination for larger files. The Wallpaper changer function will randomly choose and resize an image from a given directory. It natively supports most JPG, GIF and BMP files. Finally, the Run function allows a program / file to be run with process priority, delay and cancel options. All of the functions have logging functions and settings that are saved

priority, system, time, file, delay, sinner, shutdown, assembly, nist, restart, compact, internet, player

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Adam FTP Skater 1.0

Comfortable FTP Client with 2 window technic.Transfers data quickly and reliably.Easy to operate with full Explorer support.Many extras and special functions with the righthand mouse button. Full drag and drop to FTP window.Server Time variable for european summer and winter time changes. New function is copy and insert from Windows application to FTP window.Search machine for FTP Server running in background. New Time function in FTP Window.

ftp client, ftp up and download client, ftp skater, ftp search, ftp searchmachine

Ute 1.21: Compact multi-function utility including Time Syncing and Window Shutdown
Ute 1.21

function will randomly choose and resize an image from a given directory. It natively supports most JPG, GIF and BMP files. The Backup function will copy changed files only from any selected directory and can be set to maintain 10 recent copies of the directory. The Window Shutdown function, known as Slam, adds the ability to easily perform all shutdown operations. This can be useful for shutting down windows automatically at a set time using the

priority, system, time, file, delay, shutdown, backup, nist, restart, compact, internet, player, force

JumpKeys Pro 1.21: A multi-function utility for desktop window control and accelerated text editing
JumpKeys Pro 1.21

windows using the Ctrl key, Shift key, Windows key, or even with the numbers alone. Tagged windows are identified based on full or partial title. Repeating the same window selection hot key (e.g. Alt+1) will cycle through multiple instances of a tagged window. Also, you can assign a hot key to minimize windows, and assign a hot key to alternately maximize/restore the current window. JumpKeys Pro features include: Child window support for selecting

multi clipboard, child windows, clip book, desktop utility, date, time, hot keys, case, on top, copy, window managers, text editing, keyboard

MouseEasy 1.2.2: MouseEasy can bring you more efficient, save you time.
MouseEasy 1.2.2

window. We often have to click the window so that we could turn the pages to browse the next window. Maybe you click the advertising or other connections by mistake in the website and change the cascading sequence of windows, when you click the additional mouse. The MouseEasy not only can use the mouse wheel directly browse the web and window, but also can keep the cascading sequence of window unaltered ,input focus stable and the window you are

window, wysiwyg, discontinuous, files, left button, ctrl, directly, easy, mouse, non activated, select, wheel

DB Calc for Windows 3.0: Scientific calculator and function plotter for engineers
DB Calc for Windows 3.0

Scientific calculator and function plotter. Logic operators. 10 constant memories. Automatic bracket completion. Three angle units. Square and cubic roots.Trig. functions. Hyperbolic functions. Logarithm. Numerical integration. Combinations and permutations. Plot functions: linear and logarithmic plots. Parametric plots. Multiple plots in one window. Zoom function. Printing function. Export to clipboard. Function value at mouse position.

scientific, function plotter, calculator

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